How does outdoor air pollution affect indoor air quality​

How does outdoor air pollution affect indoor air quality

Indoor air pollution can be harmful. since it affect you in the places that you spend 80% or more of your time.

  Ventilation often brings in fresh outdoor air to dilute pollutants, 
but can also introduce even more pollutants into your indoor air from the polluted outdoor air.


Try some of the following tips to keep your indoor air clean

  Control indoor pollution sources, mould, dust mites, gases from cooking and heating, and cigarette smoke are the most significant sources of indoor air pollution. To limit these sources:

 • Keep your indoor humidity level around 40% to prevent mould growth.
 • Use a range hood over your stove. to capture toxic chemicals produced by cooking.
 • Never smoke indoor.

   Ventilate your home (wisely) open windows and use fans regularly to disperse Indoor pollutants. But if outdoor air pollution rises to unhealthy level, consider keeping your doors and windows close until the outdoor air quality improves.


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