2. Insulate your home, insulation is a great way to keep your home cool in the

summer. Moreover, insulating your home can help you save on your energy bills.


3. Plant shade trees, plant leafy trees near your home, especially on the south and west. 


4. Open the windows, keep the windows open to allow air to pass through and circulate.​

5. Install ceiling fan, ceiling fan can pull warm air up against the ceiling and increase air movement within the room.​

6. Switch to LED bulb, LED bulb produces the least amount of heat compare to incandescent light bulb or fluorescent bulb.
Moreover, turn off any lights you do not need.

7. Paint, the best colour to encourage coolness in the home is white.​

8. Inspect the air conditioner to ensure that it is running efficiently by wash and vacuum the filter, clean off any accumulated dust.


Moreover, getting your air conditioner inspected can help you to save on energy cost.



Home preparation for Summer heat

1. Install awing over the windows especially those on the east, south and west to provide shade.​