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Shipping Container as Sustainable Architecture​

Shipping Container as Sustainable Architecture

  Using shipping containers as building material is a great sustainable building alternative and helps save the deforestation of our forest.By using shipping container, you are upcycling goods that would put into our waste stream. Shipping containers are the building choice that will help lead to a more sustainable future.


Upcycled : Recycling is when you change something’s physical state and recreate it as a new material to reuse. Upcycling is utilizing an object for a new purpose after its original usage has been depleted.Shipping containers usually need a bit of additional work such as paint, insulation etc. Shipping containers have a wide variety of applications, from pop-up shops to building homes to general storage, etc. If containers are not reused, they are lying useless in warehouse, shipyards or deteriorate in a port. Many containers makeit overseas for one trip and then are retired, since it is cheaper to receive a new shipping container than to send it back empty to the supplier.


Modular : Shipping containers are like legos, excellent for stacking and mobility. The simple design and standardized dimension can be adapted into a large range of building types from modern commercial spaces to general storage facilities.


Durable and structurally sound : Shipping containers are very durable because they are made to withstand the harsh sea environment. They are made of corten steel and can be stacked up to 6 or 7 container high. Due to their robustness, container are earthquake proof and even hurricane proof, which make them extremely safe and perfect for building in natural disaster-prone area.


Mobility :  Standardized dimension make it easy to transport by ship truck or rail. Containers can be easily moved from one location to another when necessary. Containers can quickly be assembled on-site, which is a much greener alternative to on-site construction.Shipping containers can be constructed and customized before they reach their destination, leaving only assembly and  systems integration like plumbing and electrical.


Affordable : Shipping containers are a great affordable alternative because the of money put into customizing and improving your container is completely up to the owner.