Asbestos containing material that is not generally considered to be harmful unless it is release into the air when they can be inhaled or ingest.
   Asbestos fibers are carcinogens, breathing in the fibers can lead to respiratory problems and lung disease.


Radon is dangerous radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. It has no smell, colour or taste. There is considerable public concern about radon exhalation from building material and the contribution to indoor radon levels.


   According to the radon exhalation rates determination for material samples, on the market for home decoration, the materials used in home decoration make no significant contribution to indoor radon for the buildings with adequate air exchange.​


Carcinogen in building material 

   When building a home, one’s does not necessarily think about ways to avoid the substances in the building material that can potentially lead to cancer in humans 



   Formaldehyde, a colorless, pungent smelling gas. It can cause water eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea and difficult in breating.    In home, the most significant sources of formaldehyde are likely to be pressed wood product made using adhesives that contain Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) resin, such as particle board, plywood and medium density fiberboard, etc. Formaldehyde is not just an irritant but carcinogen.