Healthy Interior Design

Healthy Interior Design

Home is one of the most important factors that impactsour overall and physicalwellbeing, the space around us can have an evenmore effect on our health because we spend so much time inside the buildings.Here are the things that you need to know

Ceiling height               
A studysuggests that higher ceilings improve focus, creativity and boost the mood.      

No matter howpretty that furniture is, if it’s awkward or uncomfortable to use, your brainwill create a link between that space and being “unwelcoming”

Studies haveproven that colour effects our mood. Looking for serene sense of calm? Tryshades of blue and green. Want to create a sense of liveliness than try boldshade of dark red.

Light isclosely tied to well-being. It’s one of the core factors in regulating our circadian rhythms-our internal clocksthat dictate when we sleep, when we wake, and are unquestionably one of themost important biological processes we have.              

As such, the sources of light in your spaces are ofvital importance. During daytime hours, look fora way to maximizethe amount of natural light you can bring into your room. Depending on the orientationand geographic location of your home, sheer curtains may be needed to diffusedirect rays. And at night?  look for waysto is corporate multiple light fixtures of varying brightness, allowing  you to set the tone of the space depending onthe activity and time of evening.

Even if we spend most of our days indoor, human beingsstill have an incredibly story link to nature. In feet, studies have shown thateven as little as 3-5 minutes connecting with nature can cause a noticeablereduction is stress and anger levels, and drive an increase in positivefeelings.              

Bringing nature into your home space is the perfect wayto reap the benefits of greenery every simple day, and create a significantboost in your overall wellbeing.              

Incorporating plant into your room designs is a must ifyou are looking to create healthy spaces. There is an incredible collection ofbeautiful greenery that thrives indoor, and can really make a space pepvisually. Paired with elegantly designed pots and vases, these pieces willserve as beautiful accents in any room, and provide you with a much-neededbreath of fresh air.  

Clutter around your home has been shown to spike levelsof stress and anxiety. No matter how well designed a room maybe, if you allowclutter to build, you will never truly realize to full welcoming potential ofthat space.    

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