How To Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning.

How To Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning.

When the weather heats up, turning on the AC also means emptying your wallet.  To avoid the high cost of air conditioning and to be more environmentally friendly, follow these tips.

- Close the blinds
Windows can let in about 25 percent of heat.  To cool down a room without AC, make sure to block the heat with shades or blinds during the sunniest hours of the day.

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- Consider a dehumidifier
Moist heat is much more uncomfortable for people than dry heat.  Dehumidifiers suck the moisture out, making it much more comfortable, even at the higher temperature.  Ideally, keep indoor humidity under 60 percent. To save on electricity costs, use a unit that turns off when humidity drops below your targeted level.  Use the water gathered by the humidifier to water your plants.

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- Shut doors to unused rooms.
If you absolutely must use your air conditioner, confine the coolness to where it’s most needed rooms that you spend most of your day in or bedrooms at night.  Shut doors to areas that do not need to be cooled.


- Hack a fan
With a bowl of ice and a fan, you can create a faux ocean breeze. Simply fill a mixing bowl with ice or an ice pack, and put the bowl in front of a fan. Turn the fan on, and the air will mimic a chilly, misty breeze.

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- Install cooling curtains
Sometimes opening all the windows just doesn’t cut it, in which case, spray a sheet with cold water and cover the window’s opening.  The breeze will hit the sheet and pass through the cool temp. fabric, which can help cool down a room without AC.


- Try insulated window films
Window film offer a ton of benefits, from cutting energy costs to providing your privacy while still enjoying the views and lively of the great outdoors. They can provide up to 98 percent infrared heat reduction compared to unprotected windows, and reduced temperature imbalances in your home.

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- Purchase a chill pillow
Consider purchasing a special pillow that contains cooling gel that disperses your body heat.

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- Install an awning    
Installing awning above your windows will work to shield your home from the sun’s rays. This will ensure the amount of heat your home absorbs is reduced.

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- Set up your fan in the right place
Fans merely keep air moving around, rather than actually cooling the air, its best to set up your fans in windows or hallways so you can create a cross breeze that will draw in cooler air from the outside.

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