Environmental Friendly River Cruise.​

Environmental Friendly River Cruise.​

River cruising is becoming increasingly popular, yet the environment impactis poorly understood.  The following guidances should help the environmental impact of cruising.

-Powered by Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG (LNG hybrid barge) – LNG emits no    sulfur dioxide. , has a 95-100% reduction in particulate matter, an 85%  reduction in nitrogen oxides and a 25% reduction in carbon.

-Reduce emission through the development and use of exhaust gas cleaning  systems across the ship.  The systems are able to reduce sulfur compounds  and particulate matter from the ship’s engine exhaust.

-Reduce water usage, passengers not only float on water but also use a lot of  water for drinking and bathing.

-Treating and propering disposing of waste water.  By the installation of an  advanced waste water purification system (AWWPS) which treats black and  grey water.

-Reduces the amount of waste generated on board operations

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