Small Condo. Decorations tips

Small Condo. Decorations tips

5 techniques that can make tiny space seem larger and more spacious.

1. White color.  

Using white color as a backdrop for your designs. Too much colors used in the little space can definitely seem overwhelming. White color will make your space look a lot more relevant and beautiful. Moreover, white color has the ability to reflect light. So, if you use that for the majority of your wall – floor – ceiling design. Your space will start to look bigger and better.

2. Natural light.

Natural light is not only healthy intervention for your small condo interior designs but also has the ability to create illusions of a wider, more capacious space. The inherent and illusory ability of natural light to widen spaces is a simple but great way to bring out the best in your small condo interior design.

3. Mirror.

By clad a simple wall in a full-size mirror, you will immediately feel like you have more breathing room in your small condo. You can even play with the possibility of mirror art to introduce a more stylistic vibe in your small condo design. It will not only create the illusion of more space, but lend a beautiful decorative vibe to your designs as well.

4. Open-floor layouts.

An open-floor concept is becoming the new norm in interior design. Nobody wants to live in a home with permanent brick walls separating clearing public zones of their condo. The kitchen, dining area and living area always designed in a neat open-floor concept. By getting rid of all physical visual obstruction that might otherwise hider the eye.  

5. Transparency.

Transparency is the great way to interconnect spaces in your small condo while still retaining some psychological boundaries. If can make your small condo look more spacious without taking down the physical boundaries between a space.

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