Growing food during lock down​

Growing food during lock down​

People around the world are turning to gardening as a soothing, family friendly hobby, that also ease concerns over food security.    

Growing our own food has much to offer in the wake of the pandemic. It could help our family boost the resilience of our fresh fruit and vegetable supplies, improve the health of our family member and lead to more sustainable lifestyles.   Here are 4 reasons why food growing should become a perennial feature in our gardens after COVID-19.

1. Growing greener towns and cities   The COVID-19 lock down helped rewaken interest in growing food at home, as a result, also could bring greenery closer to our house, reduce flood risk, provide natural cooling for our houses and reduce air pollution.

2. Resilient food supplies   Diversifying how we grow food help spread the risk of disruption to food supplies. People started growing food, neighbors started sharing what they growed.​

3. Healthier lives   Getting out into your garden can improve your mental health and physical fitness. Researcher suggests that getting involved in food growing, or just being exposed to it in our daily lives, may also lead to healthier diets.​

4. Healthier ecosystems   Growing our own food allows us to stop relying on traditional methods of purchasing our product from grocery store. The fact that these food travel a long distance before being consumed. Not only does this impact the freshness and flavor of the food, but more importantly, This emits dangerous amounts of carbon emissions and waste associated with air freight and other transportation methods into the atmosphere.​

All these reasons and more should compel us to scale up food production. COVID-19 has given us cause to reevaluate how important green spaces are to us.​

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