Condos design to accommodate work-from-home trend

Condos design to accommodate work-from-home trend

Covid-19 has transformed our home into our office, classrooms, gyms and playgrounds.  In order to do this, flexibility is the key.  We will need to prioritize flex spaces which offer natural light plus acoustical and visual privacy to maintain separation between work and home life.

The space has to be very functional, livable and afford us the room we need to work.  For example, the living are equipped with bookshelves and console table could function as an office whereas a guest bedroom could also have built-in desk and storage.  Bedrooms can be modified tohave a desk niche.

For smaller condos, an alcove off a hallway with pocket doors for audible separation, similar to an office cubicle, may be all that is needed.

Glass partition can be incorporated to allow a parent to keep an eye on their little ones, while still having a noise separation.

The utmost importance is to have internet connections and modems of the highest speed and quality to ensure connectivity everywhere in the condo.

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