Green New Year Decoration​

Green New Year Decoration​

Decorating your home for the holidays need not be costly and wasteful.

-Use LED Lights, LED lighting can save up to 95% on power cost, moreover, LED bulbs last longer than incandescent ones.  Shop for decorative lights that have Energy Star Seal, which is a certification that shows that the product meets the energy efficiency guidelines.

-Go for pieces that have long lifetime to minimize on the environment, invest in durable decor you can use year after year means less broken decorations in landfill and reduced demand for resources need to create new ones.

-Make your own decoration and cards , DIY decorations can be very inexpensive and usually come at a much lower cost to the environment

-Borrow or swap decoration with friend and family to give them a new life in different location.

-Make resolutions for the new year.  take the time to make plan for living sustainable next year.   Are there wasteful habits you’d like to break?  List your ideas and coordinate with friends or family members to prepare for a year of ethical consumerism.  Happy Green New Year.


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